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Sophie Hunt is a registered osteopath with the General Osteopathic Council (GOSC). She qualified with a Master's of Osteopathy at Leeds Metropolitan University in 2014. 

Sophie comes from a sporting background, currently playing for Ashford Ladies 1's and previously representing the county in both hockey and cricket. However due to injury, she had to withdraw from progression to a high level. It is from her sporting background and own personal experience of chronic injury that from recieving manual therapy since her teenage years and courses of rehabilitaion, that a keen interest and passion for the use of manipulative and manual therapy as well as rehabilitation developed. 


Sophie Hunt 



She uses primarily structural techniques as a basis of her treatment but also incorperating other methods she has developed through further study and qualification; prenatal treatment, kinesology taping (RockTape) and dryneedling. These are utilised in her treatment approach where appropriate.


Sophie Hunt has experience treating a variety of patients including: elderly, pregnant, diasbled, athletes and chronic pain patients.

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